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Your Journey to Our Personalised
Mortgages Solutions

At Lendfinity, we believe in providing our clients with a transparent and straightforward process.

To help you understand our mortgage offerings better, we have outlined some general guidelines below:

  • Client

    Common Sense Lending

    We prioritize common sense lending practices, focusing on your unique circumstances rather than rigid income or credit requirements.

    Not Income-Driven

    Our mortgage approvals are not solely based on your income level.

    Not Credit Driven

    We look beyond credit scores to evaluate your eligibility for a mortgage.

    NO GDS / TDS

    We do not rely on Gross Debt Service (GDS) or Total Debt Service (TDS) ratios for loan approval.

  • Area

    Max 70% LTV

    We offer mortgages with a maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of 70%.

    Lend Behind Collateral Charge

    We can lend behind a collateral charge, providing more flexibility.

    Expanded Outreach

    Our lending services cover Ontario, Canada.

    As Is Values

    We consider the property's current value, allowing for more personalized mortgage solutions.

  • Deal Types


    We provide mortgages for purchasing properties.


    We offer refinancing options to help you access your home equity.

    1st Mortgage

    Our first mortgage products cater to primary financing needs.

    2nd Mortgage

    We have options for second mortgages, offering additional funds.

    3rd Mortgage

    Our third mortgage solutions can assist with specific borrowing requirements.

  • Deal Terms

    Flexible Terms (1-12 Months)

    We offer flexible mortgage terms ranging from 1 to 12 months.

    Interest-Only Payments

    You can choose interest-only payments during the mortgage term.

    Upfront Terms

    Our mortgage terms are clearly defined from the beginning, ensuring transparency.

    No Premiums

    We do not charge any premiums for our mortgage products.


    Registration allowed in the company’s name.

  • For Brokers

    Timely Service

    We provide prompt and efficient service to our broker partners.

    Broker-Only Renewal Options

    We provide renewal options exclusively for our broker network.

    Periodic Updates

    We keep you informed with regular updates on the progress of your deals.

    RUSH Closing

    We understand urgent situations and can accommodate rush closings whenever possible.

    VIP Programs

    We offer exclusive VIP programs for our valued brokers.

To Submit a Deal

We are on FILOGIX, Velocity & Lendesk

You can submit your deals to us through these top industry platforms.

Lender Type - Private

We operate as a private lender, offering tailored mortgage solutions.

Submission Type - Electronic

We accept electronic submissions for convenience and efficiency.

Lender - Lendfinity Financial

We are live on Filogix, Velocity and Lendesk

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