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3rd Mortgage

Access Additional Funds with our 3rd Mortgage Financing Solution

A 3rd mortgage product is a tertiary financing option available to homeowners who have an existing 1st and 2nd mortgage on their property. It provides further access to the equity accumulated in the home. Similar to the 2nd mortgage, the 3rd mortgage allows borrowers to borrow against the property's value while offering flexibility in loan terms, amounts, and interest rates. It is subordinate to both the 1st and 2nd mortgages, holding the third lien position. Homeowners typically consider a 3rd mortgage when they need additional funds for significant expenses or investments.

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Up to


$50K - $2M+


3 to 12 months


Interest-only Monthly Payments

(Pre-Paid Options Available)

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No income or credit documents required

Common properties include condominiums, multi-unit homes, single family homes & townhouses

Properties with sufficient equity

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Key Benefits

Common-sense Approach

Fast, Flexible & Transparent Terms & No Hidden Fees

Quick Funding (Closing takes 2-10 days*)

Efficient Exit Strategies

Extended Services

Low Rate Basic Mortgages

Partial Interest Mortgages

Partial Pre-Payments

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