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Bundle Mortgage

Simplify and Save with our Bundle Mortgage Solution

A Bundle Mortgage is a comprehensive financing option that allows borrowers to combine multiple mortgages into a single loan package. By bundling their mortgages, borrowers can streamline their payments, simplify their financial management, and potentially secure more favorable terms. This product is suitable for individuals or families with multiple properties or complex financing needs, providing convenience and potential cost savings.

Discover the Details for Bundle Mortgage

Up to

LTV (urban area)

Up to

LTV (rural areas)

$50K - $2M+


3 to 12 months


Interest-only Monthly Payments

(Pre-Paid Options Available)

Find Out If You Qualify!

No income or credit documents required

Common properties include condominiums, multi-unit homes, single family homes & townhouses

Properties with sufficient equity

Submit your deals via Filogix, Velocity or Lendesk (Lendfinity is listed as a private lender)

Key Benefits

Common-sense Approach

Fast, Flexible & Transparent Terms & No Hidden Fees

Quick Funding (Closing takes 2-10 days*)

Efficient Exit Strategies

Extended Services

Low Rate Basic Mortgages

Partial Interest Mortgages

Partial Pre-Payments

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