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Debt Consolidation

Take Control of Your Finances with our Debt Consolidation Solution

Debt Consolidation is a financial tactic that merges various debts with high interest rates, such as credit card bills or personal loans, into a solitary loan featuring a reduced interest rate. This product enables borrowers to simplify their debt management, potentially reduce monthly payments, and save money on interest. Debt Consolidation can help individuals regain control over their finances and work towards becoming debt-free.

Discover the Details for Debt Consolidation

Up to

LTV (urban areas)


LTV (rural areas)

$50K - $1M+


3 to 12 months


Interest-only Monthly Payments

Type: Second Mortgages
(Pre-Paid Options Available)

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No income or credit documents required

Common properties include condominiums, multi-unit homes, single family homes & townhouses

Properties with sufficient equity

Submit your deals via Filogix, Velocity or Lendesk (Lendfinity is listed as a private lender)

Key Benefits

Common-sense Approach

Fast, Flexible & Transparent Terms & No Hidden Fees

Quick Funding (Closing takes 2-10 days*)

Efficient Exit Strategies

Extended Services

Low Rate Basic Mortgages

Partial Interest Mortgages

Partial Pre-Payments

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